Only Two is a fantasy story that features immortal markers through several eras, each holding a unique sword with a special ability. But Only Two is above all a romance featuring the tragic fate of Rackel.

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Only Two
Only Two

« In the Middle Ages, Jean-Chilles de Garoffa decides to go and meet Wang, the legend of the county, to become a formidable fighter.

In the present, Rikkrer and Angie try to find Antoine Libert, a mentally ill man who has escaped from an asylum.

Through these two eras, we meet Rackel, an immortal… »

Only Two

Short stories scripted by the author and drawn by different artists! A collective of authors who unveil bonus stories to dive a little more into the Only Two saga!

Jim Bishop
Jim Bishop(Jean-bernard le potier)
Bloodwolf(L'art Dinkelmann)
Ancestral Z
Ancestral Z(L'embauche de Roger)
Manboou(Amour toujours)
Bloody AKI
Bloody AKI(Second souffle)
Nabil Bouzid
Nabil Bouzid(Life is life)
Baphéa(La recrue)
Corbac(Le défi)
Nico VS Yuh
Nico VS Yuh(Requiem)
Mathieu Trabut
Mathieu Trabut(La grande évasion)
Ninsky GOC
Ninsky GOC(Pépita)
Only Two Hentai

« Alone » is an erotico-pornographic story. Not to be put between all hands…
Between love and desire, Rackel doesn’t know what she really needs. Through a meditative journey, Rackel tries to understand herself by abandoning herself in the arms of Florentine, her first love and nevertheless fallen.

  • Hentaï (for adults only)
Only Two

To go further…

The story is presented in several volumes: the main series is composed of a pilot and a sequel that is preceded and completed by off-series. The collectives exist to supplement the overall storyline.

The universe is rich in events and characters that evolve through several eras:

Only Two
Only Two


Such is the baseline of the pilot of the series. Madness, at the heart of the action, reveals complex characters close to human nature. Idiots, madmen, psychopaths, will accompany Rackel’s initiatory journey.

Only Two

Sexe and violence

The violence, like the sex, is presented in an authentic way and does not hide behind pre-established codes. Only Two has its own writing and goes where it has to go, in order to better treat the main subject of the series, namely, madness. It is not recommended to be read by children under 16 years old.

Only Two


The series is aimed at both men and women. It attempts to get to the root of human folly in order to better understand it: why and how life shapes us, and makes us interact with others.    The love we can have for someone can either serve us or not. Only Two builds on a background of romance to develop a rich and complex story at the heart of human consciousness.

Only Two

L’éducation parentale

We are the fruit of our environment. This is what the story tries to demonstrate by focusing on those who form the basis of our personality, namely, our parents. The presence of the latter in the story reveals to the reader the reasons that can push the protagonists to act as they do. They refer to our own experience, and can help us to better understand who we are.

The brand

The brand is at the origin of the story.

What you learn about it very quickly:
– It is transmitted from one person to another
– It appears on the wrist
– It confers immortality
– Each mark has a sword with unique abilities
– There are several marks
– When the marked ones feel strong emotions, the spirits of the deceased appear to torture them mentally

Only Two

The main characters

Rackel has owned the brand since childhood. Her mother passed it on to her to save her life. Her mother always wanted her to have a normal life, but her immortal condition will lead her to a tormented destiny. Her mark and her sword give her the ability to go to any place she has ever visited.
Jean-Chilles, with an oversized ego, flees his village to learn kung fu from a hermit named Wang. Wang turns out to be Rackel’s father. These encounters will change his life forever.
He is Rackel’s father. He has a rather difficult relationship with his daughter and tries to keep her from his dark past. When she was younger, Rackel’s mother
preferred to leave him to give her daughter a chance to have a normal life. Wang could not bring himself to follow them and lived away from Rackel for a very long time. When he found her again, he taught her kung fu but could never make up for lost time.
Antoine Libert, his real name, is a mentally ill man escaped from an asylum. He thinks he’s a big shot and doesn’t shy away from any threat. This is the main thread of the pilot of the series.
He is a masked individual who laughs all the time. He has an army of puppets (lobotomized men) that he controls with his mask. He reveals himself as the assassin of Rackel’s father. His mark and his sword give him the ability to control lightning.
He is one of the agents of the municipal police of Chôles-Naze-la-Vallée. He investigates the murders that Antonio would have committed during his escape from the asylum and actively seeks the cat of the baker. Coming from a well-to-do environment, he is rather jealous. He likes his quietness.
Angie is Rikkrer’s colleague. She dreams of leaving the backwater where she works to work in a city where important things happen. As a result, Angie spends her time grumbling about everything, and sometimes takes it out on Rikkrer.


Youtube channel

Only Two is not only a comic strip. There is also a humorous Youtube channel. Available only in French.

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Only Two
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